We Cast Real People and Actors
…and everything in between.

What’s that you say? You need to find the impossible? We don’t believe in the impossible. If you need it, we’ll find it.
Seasoned, local West Texas cowgirls who have mastered steer riding & wild cow milking?

We got you.

5 diverse C-level employees who rely on a brand’s specific product or feature?

Not a problem.

Ethnically ambiguous, comedic OCPs moments before they’re discovered by SNL?


Actors who are proud pet owners of precious pups requiring ice cream socials on Fridays?


But don’t worry. If you’ve got an easy job, we’re totally into casting those, too!
We listen to your needs and open the dialogue to take your casting vision from treatment to screen.
We fuel your idea to ignite the creative casting process and prep for take off.
We carefully target and curate the best possible talent for your project and hit the mark.
A star is born– or at least someone gets their 15 seconds of national fame…and you get to go to dinner.

Want to Cast a Project?

Send us your specs, and we’ll take a look. Let’s spark creativity together!

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