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We are committed to diverse and inclusive casting, while telling authentic stories through all project mediums.

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About Us

At Spark, we aren’t into that whole pigeonholing thing. (And we won’t put you in a box either!) We’re one of the few casting companies with three clear departments that cover Commercial, Theatrical (TV & Film), and Docu-Style (Reality & Documentary) projects. As founders, with over 30 years combined experience in casting & production, we have meticulously built a solid team with ample experience in casting both actors and real people. 

When the canvas calls for actors, Spark Casting has access to talent resources and platforms only available to professional casting directors. If the project demands name talent, we utilize our well-established relationships with reps and actors to lock down the best artist for the role.

For real people casting, in addition to our nationwide database with over 60,000 real people, our team also has a proven track record in finding interesting individuals with inspirational, unique, and sometimes outrageous stories. With a formula that mixes general outreach along with very niche, pinpointed, and targeted engagement, the team at Spark Casting makes real people casting look easy. 

Most recently, under the SAG Interim Agreement, the Spark team cast 40 episodes of Beyond Belief, a reboot of a popular cult classic series while simultaneously casting commercials for major brands like Toyota, Nationwide, Fruit of the Loom, Google, and Audible. A few past projects include the films The Disinvited, Captive, Mia & the Skeletons, Delay of Game, and the true crime feature documentary American Skyjacker, as well as the hit design show My Room, My Way for Peacock Kids. Spark Casting also contributed to the casting of reality shows Farmer Wants a Wife and a new game show for a major streaming network with 100 contestants per episode. Other commercial campaigns have included Amazon, Discover, Rocket Mortgage, Conair, Behr, NUUN, Renew Life, and Major League Baseball.

As a women-owned business, Spark Casting is committed to diverse & inclusive casting while telling authentic stories through all project mediums. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the company has satellite offices in New York and Seattle with the ability to cast nationwide.

Meet Hailey Giles


I got my first taste of casting at the ripe age of 13 when my producer mother tasked me with the job of finding 7 teenage boys to portray basketball players in a Three 6 Mafia music video. Ever so dutifully, I retrieved my middle school directory and started making calls. From that point on, I was hooked. 

Over the past 20+ years I have been entrenched in all aspects of production as a casting director, location manager/scout, set dresser, production coordinator, actor, and producer. With credits in film (Hustle & Flow, Losers Take All, N-Secure) and by working with some of the biggest networks in TV (USA, MTV, A&E, VICE, ABC) as well as global commercial production companies (Hungry Man, The Directors Bureau, Tool, PYTKA, Smuggler, Believe Media), I’ve attained and sharpened the skills needed to pull off a successful project.

When it comes to casting, I bring my well-rounded production knowledge to the table as well as my classically trained roots in acting. I think like a producer but comprehend like an artist, and this makes all the difference when finding the right cast for a project, whether it’s actors or real people. But don’t worry; these days I’ve implemented better methods for landing your perfect cast that don’t involve middle school telephone directories.

Meet Stefanie Seifer


Like all good Hollywood stories, most have that pivotal plot twist that sends its characters on a new path. My personal plot twist was the writer’s strike of 2007 when all narrative TV and film was put on hold, but my rent was not. Enter reality TV. It was during this time that I started casting for the long-running ABC competition show Big Brother. From there I moved on to cast over 20 shows for Vh1 as well as Bar Rescue for Paramount/CBS and Match Game on ABC. I discovered a true knack for blending real people into the spotlight that is primetime television.

During this time I also created a successful comedic women’s empowerment brand and website that was developed into a television show for The CW. Mixing the grind of reality casting with my background in both scripted formats and as a former actor eventually led to the niche of commercial casting of both actors and real people. Over the years I’ve led major campaigns for brands such as Verizon, IBM, Blue Shield, Microsoft, Facebook, Ford, Burger King, LinkedIn, Neutrogena, Disney, Heineken, Hershey’s, UPS, et al. 

And as this Hollywood plot thickens, so does my journey in casting. With my precise eye for pairing the perfect talent with each unique project, along with my inclination for perfection, I tackle each new venture with fervor. I love embarking upon new client relationships and taking on evermore challenging endeavors. So let’s pop some popcorn and get to work!

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